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Hey All!

Just curious what the status of the community is for I just realized I haven't seen any sort of update in months.

Thank you and hope everyone is doing well.

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Let's wrap up the upstairs pub thread

If everyone is okay with it, let's work on wrapping up the upstairs at the pub thread within the next few posts? I'd like to get our team on their way to more exciting endeavors as soon as possible.

That way even if Willow wants to take off and 'think' a bit it gives us the chance to split up into some smaller groups.

Whoever is after Kennedy (Giles? Fred? Can't recall) can you please post as soon as you can? Thanks!

Maintainer Switch

Hey all, I'm heading off the ooc community now, but I had to appoint other people as maintainers in order to do so. I just pushed everyone up to maintainer status. You're all welcome to stay there, take yourselves off that status, or appoint specific people. Thanks!
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I know with Kat leaving the rpg she was also apart of a thread I'm currently in with other members of the Scotland group in the upstairs portion of the party. It has come to a halt and I was hoping to get that moving along again. I think Kat who was playing Kennedy was next to go. Is there anyway we can skip Kennedy's part for the time being thus letting Willow and/or Giles post their reactions? Or are we waiting for Buffy and Angel to make their entrance?

Just curious for it has been over a week and I like to see the thread moving again.

Thank you.

Ah, and yes...

Hey all, I feel really bad to do this but I think I'm gonna hafta drop this RPG. May, you're welcome to move Gwen along however you like, and if penanna is still around she can too. You can work something out with how she gets away and does whatever we had planned - or you're all welcome to scrap it and go somewhere else entirely. Or even capture her at this point.

Have fun, guys! I really enjoyed this game.

Just an update

For a variety of reasons, our Spike has left the game. I'll be picking up the character for now to temp.

Just thought I should update you all! Angel, tag! You're it in our thread now.

Is Spike waiting for the Slayers?

As Spike has directly began to interact with the Slayers should he still post after Buffy. If so it wouldn't make much sense since he asked one of the girls for a beer and lost sight of the others. I am a little confused at the moment since they haven't posted since the first post.
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Back on track

Hey guys, can Doyle go ahead and explain his vision to Willow so we don't have to post everyone sitting down? Then we can go ahead to Fred.

In the other thread, Buffy and The Immortal are up.

I'm going to post Gwen today, and then we'll be able to move the orb-stealing thread along, then hopefully run into Faith & Izzy soon.

That's all I got for now, guys. Anything else anyone wants to add?